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Kennedy Campos & Associates, LLC - 304 W. Adoue St., Alvin, TX

Move forward with no obstacles in preparing your income tax return.

Do you have more questions than answers when it comes to preparing your tax return?


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Set up your consultation appointment for your tax return preparation, now.

    Don’t get lost taking the wrong exit.

    This usually translates into expensive mistakes.

    77% of the total taxpayers believe that they benefited from the use of a professional

    Benefits of using our services:

    The following are just a few ways we can support you and your business:

    1. Review and amend if necessary, your tax return from previous years for corrections or possible deductions missed by others.

    2. Preparing your return on our secure professional tax program, which is always up-to-date with the current tax laws assures compliance with all IRS guidelines.

    3. Free electronic filing of your tax return, which will allow the quickest way to receive your refund.

    4. Suggest adjustments to tax withholding if necessary to assure proper coverage of your tax liability.

    5. Projection of potential income and deductions for next year, and provide estimated tax payments accordingly.


    Remember when using tax preparation programs,

    they do not substitute the knowledge, advantages and peace of mind you will get through the services of a professional.

    A typical tax preparation program may be useful, but only if handled with good judgment.

    According to studies conducted by the General Accounting Office of the United States Government, 77% of the total taxpayers believe that they benefited from the use of a professional when preparing their tax return.

    Our service will allow you to maximize the proper use of your deductions and credits in order to decrease the amount of the tax liability. Additionally, will allow you to stay within the legal parameters that will avoid additional penalties or interests.

    Haven’t set up your business accounting yet?

    We have 3 offices in 3 countries in order to satisfy your requirements.


      Houston – United States.

      Office: (281) 331-5206 Fax: (281) 299-3208

      Kim Kennedy Weldon. Sr. Income Tax Preparer [email protected]

      Nancy White, Sr. Bookkeeper [email protected]

      Fernando Campos. President [email protected]

      Panama City – Panama, and Santo Domingo – Dominican Republic +507 6575-0534

      Carlos Villavicencio.