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Kennedy Campos & Associates, LLC - 304 W. Adoue St., Alvin, TX

Recruitment and selection solutions in the areas of finance and accounting services.

Recruit the best and accomplish the greatest challenges.


Phone (281) 331-5206 Fax: (281) 299-3208

Schedule a free appointment of recruitment and selection with us.

    Top qualified candidates are prepared to help you reach your business goals successfully.

    Incorporate them in the areas of expertise in your business.

    Do not overlook the best candidates in slow conventional recruitment processes.

    What barriers do conventional recruitment process present?

    1. The right candidate, meeting all profile requirements, is already hired.

    2. A large number of resumes will be reviewed through the process.

    3. Numerous steps, interviews and phases involved in the process.

    4. A great number of personnel involved in each procedure.

    5. Candidate and employer expectations increasing.

    The demand for skilled professionals is greater and companies need innovative solutions to create competitive teams.

    Our recruiting and selection method incorporates highly skilled professionals, with ample knowledge, talent and expertise in the finance fields.

    Offer new professional challenges to the best qualified.

    Our recruitment and selection service allows you to:

    1. Incorporate professionals to work for specific periods of time in a given project

    2. Provide operational continuity to the business at times when the workload is higher.

    3. Reinforce the expertise of your team with the support of professionals with more knowledge and expertise.

    4. Improve standards of team work quality and cooperation during tasks execution.

    Schedule a free appointment of recruitment and selection counseling with us.

    We have 3 offices in 3 countries in order to satisfy your requirements.


      Houston – United States.

      Office: (281) 331-5206 Fax: (281) 299-3208

      Kim Kennedy Weldon. Sr. Income Tax Preparer [email protected]

      Nancy White, Sr. Bookkeeper [email protected]

      Fernando Campos. President [email protected]

      Panama City – Panama, and Santo Domingo – Dominican Republic +507 6575-0534

      Carlos Villavicencio.