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Kennedy Campos & Associates, LLC - 304 W. Adoue St., Alvin, TX

Success begins with preparation.

Reconciling and efficiently presenting your financial statements in a secure and timely manner are the most valuable results you’ll get with our accounting services.


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    Think of the future, controlling the present.

    Stay focused on the operation of your business. We will focus our attention on those processes that enable the productivity of your business.

    For each period, we will provide you with the following basic financial statements:

    Profit and Loss.

    This financial statement will allow you to present revenues and expenses, as well as the profit or loss resulting from your business operations for specific periods of time.

    Relevant benefits

    1. Keeps track of revenues and expenses in order to determine the behavior of the business operation.

    2. Detects variations in critical areas of the business that allow better decision making

    3. Determines which areas of business present variations in relation to established budgets.

    4. Identifies items causing unexpected expenses.

    5. Allows to estimate the income tax to be paid.

    Balance Sheet.

    The balance sheet is the financial state that reflects, in monetary units, the financial situation of a business or economic entity at a certain date.

    Relevant benefits 

    1. Identifies the financial position and capacity of your business.

    2. Identifies and analyze trends in critical areas of the business.

    3. Determines if your business is prepared to expand.

    4. Defines whether it is necessary to take measures to reinforce cash reserves.

    Profit and Loss Statement &  Balance Sheet are basic accounting reports,

    that must be used when presenting accounting information to financial institutions or potential partners and investors.

    Schedule a free appointment for more information about our accounting services.

    We have 3 offices in 3 countries in order to satisfy your requirements.


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      Office: (281) 331-5206 Fax: (281) 299-3208

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